If you’re playing King of the Mountain, nothing except being alone at the top will do. You’ll do anything and step on anyone to get there.

If you’re playing Hide and Seek, the game is all about avoiding capture. You’ll keep your head down and stay out of sight.

If you’re playing Keep up with the Joneses, comparison rules. You’ll nervously check to see when someone else is excelling and redouble your efforts to show that you’re special.

If you’re playing Tit for Tat, your scorecard has to have one more tally on it than your rival’s. You’ll be sure no one disrespects you without feeling some heat.

If you’re playing My Company Has Talent, it’s all about posing for the judges and making it to the next round. You’ll have to nail that next meeting or presentation or else…

But if you play, I’m a Contribution, you’re focused on being who you were created to be and being at peace with any outcome. You’ll work to free yourself of the bondage of self-obsession and step into your calling. Wherever that takes you.

You get to choose which game you play. Choose wisely.

Be bright