What you’re for tells me a lot more than what you’re against.

I can tell you I’m against broccoli. That won’t tell you that I’m for fire roasted brussel sprouts. Especially with bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

I can tell you I’m not into the NFL. But it’s much more useful to tell you that I religiously follow the English Premier League, one of the top soccer leagues in the world.

If you care about soccer (and you may not), I can tell you that I’m against Manchester United, the New York Yankees of English soccer. (Oops, there I go telling you two teams I’m against all at once!) But telling you I’m against Man United leaves it wide open. I could be a fan of their crosstown rivals or just think soccer is a stupid sport.

It’s much more useful to tell you that I’m for Liverpool Football Club. Now you know something useful about me, with layers of meaning. You’re closer to getting at my motives, the thing behind the thing.

Today, why not focus on what and who others are for? You’ll learn a lot more about them.

Be bright