A while back, one of my Airpod Pro earbuds started buzzing. It wasn’t brutal, but when you pay that much money for a pair of headphones, it’s annoying.

“Wait,” I thought, “I’m pretty sure I’m still under warranty.” Sure enough, I was just under the wire.

What followed was a process that just works. I went to the Apple website, requested a support call, almost immediately received a call, and quickly agreed with the agent that we should return the earbud. An email instantly appeared in my inbox with instructions on how to trigger the shipping of a new earbud. A day or two later, a package arrived with the correct earbud and a simple return procedure for the defective product. I received text alerts along the way, informing me of the progress.

It just worked.

I’m fascinated by things and organizations that just work. For all their frailties, most of our bodies work most of the time – so much so that we often forget how wondrous it is until they don’t work. The last time I had a car accident, my experience with my auto insurance company was so enjoyable I secretly wished for another fender bender just to go through it again.

We’re captivated by things that work precisely because they’re so rare. Let’s face it, most things and organizations don’t work too well. At the same time I was returning my Airpod, I was trying to get support from my cable provider and dealing with the service I use to distribute this blog to my email list. Let’s just say that those two experiences were much more normal. They either didn’t work well or at all. They were clunky.

The things and organizations that work do so because they’re meticulously designed to work well. Apple and USAA didn’t have those support processes by accident. Our bodies, for all their frailties, work in an amazing number of ways without us even thinking about it.

The same is true of people. I’m endlessly fascinated by people whose lives just work. They aren’t normal. That’s what makes them interesting. And they didn’t become that way by accident. Their lives work by design.

You want to be that kind of person. So do I. Let’s get busy designing lives that really work.

Be bright