We’re all busy. We have many tasks and people to attend to. That’s what busy is and that’s what a leader’s life is like.

But can we be busy without suffering from hurry?

I think so. Here’s how, in two minutes or less:

  • Start by taking a few deep breaths. My friend, Amy, is a breathing expert. She’ll tell you to breathe in for five counts, hold your breath for two counts, and breathe out for seven counts. 
  • Set a timer for 30-60 seconds. Breathe normally, just noticing how each breath feels a little different. I find it helpful to close my eyes. 
  • When you notice that your mind has gotten distracted, simply return your attention to the breathing. Notice I say, “when” and not “if.” You will get distracted. No biggie.

When your timer goes off, look at what and who is next on your calendar. Then remind yourself:

  • “I only have this moment.” You don’t have what happens in the next hour or what happened the hour before (much less days before). The other tasks on your list are completely irrelevant to this moment.
  • “I only have this person.” You don’t have anyone else. Just this person in the room or on this Zoom.
  • “How can I be a contribution right now?” Because we all know that being a contribution is what we’re created to be, and that it is the key to joy at work.

Those are three powerful little reminders. They’re the outline of a story that will lead you to be still, to have a shot at being present. Repeated often enough, they become habit. They become a way of being. 

We can’t wait for you to be that way. Start practicing today. It only takes two minutes.

Be bright