There’s an old story that tells of an experienced desert dweller coaching a newcomer on important survival skills. “Look carefully at the sand,” he says. “It looks all the same. But underneath certain places lie vipers. They’re disguised beneath the monotony of the desert and if you don’t see them, they’ll bite you.”

That’s how it is with The Grind. You do things over and over. It can seem monotonous. But when you add attentiveness to repetition, you can learn important signs. You discover the patterns that bite you over and over again because you’re not distracted by variety.

“There, it happened again!” you can snap. Sure, you can get irritated by a falling into the same trap. Or you can smile and say, “I see you, viper. I’m wiser now.”

It’s one more reason to love The Grind. The hidden becomes more obvious. Dangerous habits lose their camouflage. You can start to replace those habits with patterns that will make you safe and sane to be around.

But only if you look. Only if you notice.

Be bright