As powerful as it is to visualize your negative future – that person you don’t want to be, the one you’d become if you never changed – it’s also vital to imagine your positive future. To picture that better version of yourself. And to do so in vivid detail. That vision will put gas in the tank when The Grind gets tough.

Who is that better version of yourself? What impact will you have on your world when you become that person? How will you be essential, safe and sane in a chaotic world? Who will thank you when you’ve become that person?

You’ll need this picture when you’re tempted to fall back into old habits and listen to old stories you tell yourself. That’s when this vision of your future self will give you the strength to turn away from the old and pursue the new. 

Any athlete who pursues a personal record or a championship trophy knows this. Any musician who wants to go to the next level knows this. Any scientist working to crack the code gets this. The vision is what makes it possible to do the daily hard work of The Grind. 

What’s that picture for you? Who do you want to be when this Grind is over? We’re looking forward to seeing it, too!

Be bright