Everyone wants a life and vocation that really works. We just don’t experience it as often as we’d like.

Here is one of the secrets to having a career and life that works: find those patterns that don’t work, the habits that poison your attempts to be the best version of yourself. Notice them. Name them. Imagine what happens if they continue, your negative future.

Don’t do this out of self-hatred or misplaced perfectionism. Do it with curiosity. Do it with humor. Do it with the same gentleness you’d use with someone for whom you care deeply.

If you need help seeing the vipers and naming the poison, you could always try the first practice I usually assign to my coaching clients, called the Action Replay. Try that for a week. Talk with a friend. I’ll bet the poisons will start to become obvious.

And then, my friend, you’ll be ready to start the work of The Grind. You’ll be that athlete or artist or musician on a mission to become who you were created to be.

We’ll be cheering.

Be bright